Some Things Are Just Unbreakable

Have you ever had a friend or two who you were really close to but over time you just sort of lose touch with? Maybe you got married and had kids. Maybe you moved a dozen times or so. Maybe life just happened and then next thing you know, years have passed. Then, one day, they are at your house and it’s like time didn’t pass.

I have made a few close friendships like that in my life and these people are rare. Many if not most of the friendships that you make over your lifetime requires maintenance to stay stable. If you don’t continue to feed the relationship then it simply dies. However, there are those unbreakable friendships that simply pick up where they left off no matter how long you go between visits.

Thank God for those people.

I was sitting at my mother’s house in Illinois this past Saturday. Earlier in the day, we have a Thanksgiving meal at my mom’s church in Louisville. A lot of my family made it out to visit and we spent the afternoon eating, telling stories, playing basketball, etc… It was a pretty long afternoon and by the time I got back to mom’s house, I had eaten myself into misery.

The kids decided that we needed to watch a movie so the four of us settled into the living room with my mom and stepdad to relax. About an hour or so into the movie, the doorbell began ringing. My nephew answered the door and came to the living room to tell us that there were people from Jehovah’s Witness at the door wanting to speak to me. I found these two standing at the door instead.


This is Mitch and Sherman. I introduced these two clowns to each other (or maybe we all met at McDonald’s) back in 1995 and they have been pretty close friends ever since. I moved away from Flora in 2001 and slowly began the process of being less and less engaged in our friendship. I mean, it wasn’t necessarily a deliberate thing but time and space started getting in the way.

However, these guys are what I am talking about when I say Unbreakable Friendship. We spent a couple of hours visiting and making plans to hang out again in December when I get to go back out there. It was nice. I don’t really put down roots. It has been easy for me to pick up and just move away. I still love everyone in my life… my family…. my friends. But one thing is true, it’s always good to be able to go back home and reconnect.

So, the next day, I got back in my truck and took off for Virginia again.

It was great to see you guys while I was home. I think about you guys (and all my other Unbreakable Friendships) often. I haven’t found one of you out here yet. I know I will or you know what, maybe I won’t. Who knows? But, I am thankful for the ones that I have.

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