New Tricks

by Mary Forth Thousands of older students are returning to school for a variety of reasons: to learn new skills, to polish up old ones, because of job loss, to satisfy requirements for advancement, or just for their own personal satisfaction.  I suppose I would fall into all of those categories.  When my job ended […]

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A Night Out With My Girl

It is not often that Elisa and I are able to get away from the house without some form of a child in tow. Working in a group home for teenagers but also having two children of our own, there is always someone around. However, this is not a bad thing. We have become accustomed […]

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This Guy Is Ready For Spring

I don’t really care much for the cold. Never have really. It’s just too….. cold. What can you do but sit in your house and wait for the warm air to find you? Winter puts life on pause. Everything is too still. The leaves are gone. The color is limited. I long for the spring […]

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What A Year

One year ago today…. I woke up to the sound of the ocean and what seemed to be millions of robots outside of my camper. Ricky, my dog, sat impatiently at the door to our little pop-up camper waiting for the opportunity to see what was causing the sound.

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My Baby is Growing Up

I have a problem that I do not really know how to deal with. See, I have this little girl that just keeps getting older and more mature and I am not sure that I approve. Many of you might be able to relate with this. I feel like she should still be 3 or […]

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Go Outside For A While

Back on December 7th, I wrote a post about how much we love our local library. My kids would probably go there every day if we gave them the opportunity and we do as often as we can. A friend of mine, Melanie DeWaal, commented on the article by stating, “I love this topic! One way […]

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