New Tricks

by Mary Forth Thousands of older students are returning to school for a variety of reasons: to learn new skills, to polish up old ones, because of job loss, to satisfy requirements for advancement, or just for their own personal satisfaction.  I suppose I would fall into all of those categories.  When my job ended … More New Tricks

What A Year

One year ago today…. I woke up to the sound of the ocean and what seemed to be millions of robots outside of my camper. Ricky, my dog, sat impatiently at the door to our little pop-up camper waiting for the opportunity to see what was causing the sound.

The Other Side

Do you think about the future often? Do you look down the road and wonder what’s next for you or your family? I do… quite often actually. As my children get older, I like to know what’s coming. What obstacles are up ahead? What changes might need to be made over the next few years? … More The Other Side