Life in the Hill City

Okay, I have to start off today by stating that I do not actually live in Lynchburg so this title might be a little misleading. However, we do spend a significant amount of time there since we live in the middle of nowhere. Our address is Brookneal but we actually live out in the country outside of town. Therefore, any time we need something, we end up in Lynchburg which works out fine since Lynchburg appears to have everything that a person would ever need.

So, today, I was scheduled to meet up with some co-workers at Market At Main for lunch. As the chaplain on our campus, I have been making a point to get the men of our organization together for monthly fellowships. Also, I love to eat. These two things combined is an excellent opportunity to try out a few of the fine dining establishments that the city has to offer. As I stated, Market At Main was on the schedule for today.

I met up with three of the guys from the Lynchburg office (one of which I had not met before) and enjoyed a masterpiece of an omelet while getting to know him.


We ate and talked for about 45 minutes before everyone decided that they probably better get back to work. Just as we were getting up to go pay, my wife and children walked in so I stayed and had lunch with them as well.


Market At Main is in the downtown area of the city which is a part of Lynchburg that I haven’t really gotten around to exploring yet. This is probably a mistake on my part because it appears to have a lot of interesting places to visit that I need to check out.

Elisa had some shopping to do while she was in Lynchburg, so I took the children back home with me. Now, the thing about Lynchburg is that everything is on a hill, hence the name Hill City. I had parked a block and a half away from the restaurant and we had to walk down a pretty steep hill to get to the van, which the kids loved.


I didn’t mind it nearly as much as when I arrived and got to climb the hill to the restaurant. Yet, I think that’s what I love so much about living here.

Nothing is flat.

I don’t think I will ever get tired of seeing the mountains everywhere I go, even if it means that I have to walk uphill to get anywhere.

 Once again, our boys are out of the house (Christmas break) and our home is empty and quiet. I don’t really even know what to do with myself. Maybe I will clean my desk. Who knows? Hope you all are having a good day where you are.

Let me know what’s on your mind.

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