There’s no way that dude lived…

Have you ever been watching a movie where the bad guy is getting away and the police (or whoever) are trying to catch them? They are racing through city streets, narrowly missing small children, the elderly and buses full of nuns. The music is continuing to grow more intense with each passing moment. The road begins to narrow ahead. It is probably not wide enough for all the vehicles involved to pass. Then this happens…..

The car either rolls, lands intact and keeps driving or, even if it does crash, the driver gets out and keeps on going.

Yeah, that is simply not going to happen.

Thanks a lot, Hollywood (and video games) for giving me a messed up perspective. But, it’s not just car crashes that cinema has skewed for us. I came across this article on list25 yesterday that shows us 24 more things that you might be unclear about because of watching too many movies.

Did you learn anything? Has Hollywood had you fooled all along? Let me know.

When you get done with that list, check this one out too.

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