This Guy Is Ready For Spring

I don’t really care much for the cold. Never have really. It’s just too….. cold. What can you do but sit in your house and wait for the warm air to find you? Winter puts life on pause. Everything is too still. The leaves are gone. The color is limited. I long for the spring time to bring life to life once again.

Two weeks ago, I was sitting at my mom’s house in Flora, IL and it was 5 degrees outside. Yuck! It was our last day of our Christmas break and we were packing to head back to Virginia. I looked up the weather in Brookneal on my phone and it said 32 degrees. That gave me hope. As we were getting on the road, I knew that it would only get warmer as we traveled.

This past week has been pretty nice out here. The temperature got up into the 50’s for a couple of days. I was actually out in shorts one afternoon for a while. As was anticipated, the winter weather here is not nearly as depressing as it was back in Illinois. However, it’s not just the warmth of spring that makes it so enjoyable.

Life begins again.

Plants start to bloom. Flowers begin showing off their colors. Animals start appearing in your yard again. I always find it amusing that New Year’s Eve will pass without a change in weather or temperature. I have always felt like the new year was truly upon us with the coming of spring.

What do you think? What’s your favorite season? Do you like getting out in the cold or do you just sit at home under a blanket?

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