Stop changing the rules

One of the greatest problems in the arena of discipline comes from inconsistency. There are many parents who will not discipline their children and that creates a huge problem. There are also many parents who go way over the top with their discipline and that also creates a problem. However, there are also parents who are incredibly inconsistent with their discipline and that, in my opinion, might be the worst of all. Continue reading “Stop changing the rules”

She said yes and here we are.

I remember waking up on this day, eleven years ago, with an understanding that I was about to do something that would change my life, forever. At the time, I lived with a bunch of other guys in a house that probably should have been condemned and torn down. I got up that morning and went over to my friend, Danny Brown’s, house to get ready. Danny and his wife were in the process of moving to Seattle so their house was pretty much empty.¬† Continue reading “She said yes and here we are.”

Scratching the itch

I think all of us have a time in our lives when we think about starting our own business. Maybe you have always dreamed of running your own restaurant. Perhaps your dream has been to own a movie theater or start a recording company. These are just a few of the ideas that friends of mine have had over time. However, the difficulty or lack of knowledge in regards to these endeavors often leads a person to the public workforce, landing a job doing something that, while productive, might be far less satisfactory. Continue reading “Scratching the itch”

There is more to it than just moving

Back in April of this past year, my family and I loaded up in our 18-year-old Ford Expedition and a U-Haul and began a 650-mile journey across the country from Illinois to Virginia to begin a new chapter in our lives. We worked as house parents at Baptist Children’s Home in Illinois and had been offered a similar position at Patrick Henry Family Services in Virginia. We had housing provided at both locations. Seems like an easy move right? WRONG! Continue reading “There is more to it than just moving”

Now is the right time to start saving

It is suggested that nearly 33% of all individuals who are earning at least six figures in our country have no savings whatsoever. How can this be? How can you make such a large salary and not put a portion of it back? It is understandable that someone riding the poverty line might not be able to put away some of their paychecks for savings. However, those in the $100,000 and up range seem to have the same problem.

Continue reading “Now is the right time to start saving”

If it is something that you love, you will find a way.

There are two kinds of decisions that a person can make at any given time. One of them is based solely on obligations. Many people find themselves in jobs that they hate specifically because of this reason. The job itself is not fulfilling but there is an obligation to provide for a family or even just for yourself so you continue on. The other kind of decision is one that is based on your passion. That is where we will spend our time today. Continue reading “If it is something that you love, you will find a way.”

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