52 Places to Visit in 2017

Are you one of those guys who always talks about going on a vacation but never finds the time or money to do it? For the longest time, that was me. My family did not travel much when I was a child so it was not hardwired in as an adult to go on trips. Plus, who can afford them? There are bills and then there is work and there are more bills. The list goes on and on. 

Well, here’s the deal. Vacations do not just happen but they are so important to your mental health. You have to disconnect every once in a while and do something out of the ordinary. Elisa and I made a decision early in our marriage that we would be a family that traveled.

I read this article in the New York Times last week, that gives the rundown on 52 different locations around the world that you might consider adding to your schedule for the coming year. Actually, let me back up a bit. You will probably only want to consider adding one or two of them to your schedule. If you visit all 52 of them, you will most likely return in debt and unemployed.

However, one or two of the locations on this list is probably achievable for this next year. Check it out. Some of these places are in the United States. Most of them are not. Make some plans. Get out of your house and go see something new.

I know, I know, a couple of months ago, I shared an article from Lifehacker about cutting back on transportation costs and reigning in the expenses associated with owning a vehicle. However, this is what we save that money for. I guess it comes down to making a vacation a travel priority. We save money on our auto expenses throughout the year so that we can afford these big trips.

Then let me know how it went. I love to travel but I love to listen to stories about other people’s travels as well.

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