Stop complaining and do something

I really struggle to understand the perspective of someone who will complain about their life but do very little to improve it. I know this is a pretty vague opening statement that needs a little more discussion but there it is. I feel like many of us (if not the vast majority) have it within ourselves to reach any level of success as long as we put our mind to it and work hard. 

The wonderful people over at Time Management Ninja shared this tip with us last week that echoes this thought perfectly.


Notice what this image does not say. It does not say that success will come easy. It does not say that it will be handed to us. It also does not say that it will look the same to every single person or even how we think that it will look.

The truth of the matter is, many of us don’t even really know what success looks like. We have an idea of what we want our successful lives to look like but at the end of it all, things often look much different. That doesn’t mean that our life was not successful. It just means that our understanding of success will change over time.

However, the one thing that is guaranteed to all of us is this….

If we focus more on complaining about our circumstances than we do about working through them, we will achieve nothing. People, this life is a strange journey and it will lead us down some crazy roads. If you want to reach that goal successfully, you have to be deliberate about it. Set goals. Go back to school. Get a new job. Make better choices with your money. Don’t be sucked into foolish endeavors. Do something.

Stop complaining and get to work.

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