Keep Exploring

Do you ever get the itch to just go check out something new? Have you ever passed a road on your way to work and wondered what was at the end of it? Maybe you keep seeing an exit sign for some historical site every time you make a trip down the interstate? What is keeping you from checking them out?

I love finding new things. One of things that I find to be satisfying is to travel down a new road and discover something neat at the end. I remember taking my Illinois boys on a random road trip one time. We had been driving around in the country just south of Carmi when we happened across this small farm. There were four our five buildings up next to the road and each one of them was painted over with these extremely odd murals of mostly naked warriors. I’m telling you, it was incredibly odd, but at the same time very unique. There was no reason for us to have discovered this place aside from the fact that we were curious.

Now, I know, curiosity killed the cat. However, I think that having a spirit of curiosity is healthy. How boring does life get when we stop discovering new places. One time, a friend was telling me about this vacation place that his family always goes to over Memorial Day weekend. They have been going there for something like 25 or 30 years without change. I just listened but in my mind I was thinking, “How dull. There is so much in the world beyond that.”

I read stories sometimes about people who have never left their state and it makes me a little sad. I have even read stories about people who have never been outside of the boundaries of their own towns. That blows my mind. How do you live your entire life and never leave your town? I here people talk about how they are just too old to try something different but simply isn’t the truth.

There is so much out there.


This rock that we live on is SO BIG!

I want to encourage you. The next time you pass that road that leads to somewhere else, turn onto it. Drive for a few minutes. I mean, you don’t want to be late for whatever it is that you’re doing but if you have a few minutes to spare, see what is down this new road.

The next time you are driving somewhere, plan a new route. The next time you are planning a vacation, go somewhere you haven’t been. This afternoon, when you get off work and decide to grab a bite to eat on your way home, try a new restaurant. This coming weekend, when you are sitting in front of the same television, plugging yourself into the same television show, get up and go outside.

Keep Exploring…..


5 thoughts on “Keep Exploring

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  1. I have learned the joy of putting away the GPS & following the old traditional paper maps. I have seen free ones at vistor’s centers along the highway


    1. Oh, the map. It has been a long time since I tried to find something the old fashioned way. I have gotten so used to using the GPS that I probably wouldn’t even know how to unfold a map.


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