There is more to it than just moving

Back in April of this past year, my family and I loaded up in our 18-year-old Ford Expedition and a U-Haul and began a 650-mile journey across the country from Illinois to Virginia to begin a new chapter in our lives. We worked as house parents at Baptist Children’s Home in Illinois and had been offered a similar position at Patrick Henry Family Services in Virginia. We had housing provided at both locations. Seems like an easy move right? WRONG!

I should have known better. Moving is never as easy as driving from one place to another, especially when you are traveling across state lines. But, we did it and we have had a pretty tremendous year. We’ve been here for nine months now and life is finally settling. We have started making friends outside of work. We found a church that we like and that appears to like us. Our children are getting plugged into different activities in the community. Life is starting to settle down again but those last nine months were a little crazy.

A couple of weeks ago, I was reading this article on Business Insider about the things that a person must take into consideration when they relocate, particularly for a career change. As always, I encourage you to click the link and read their content but here are the highlights.

What to consider when relocating for your career

Understand your new cost of living

Take time to plan and save

Plan out your personal relationships

Sell what you can

Keep close track of old bills

Have you ever picked up and moved somewhere that required a plan? What was your experience?

Comment below and let us know. Anything you can add to the conversation is always a bonus.

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