5 Ways to ensure a better weekend


Everybody thinks it. Many people say it. I think we all share the mentality when it comes to the end of our work week. Oh my gosh, it’s finally time for a couple of days off. What am I going to do with my time?

Many people get in such a hurry to get off work on Friday’s that they end up leaving work there. Okay, why is that such a big deal? It will still be waiting for me when I show back up on Monday right? Well, yes. However, how many times have you had a weekend go by where your mind was consumed with what next week’s work schedule is going to look like.

One of our goals in life should be to maximize the amount of free time that we have with our families. While being employed is extremely important and necessary for sustaining and adult life and family, it means very little if it is consuming your time and leaving you with little enjoyment. With that said, we should all be looking for more opportunities to do new things with those that we love. There will always be time to work but your kids will only be kids for a little while.

I read this article yesterday on Time Management Ninja that unpacks a few things (five to be exact) that you can be doing at work on Friday so that your weekend can be spent a little more freely.

Five things you should do every Friday before you leave work

Empty your Email Inbox

Take Care of Your To-Do List

Tidy Your Desk

Clean Out Your Car

Put Things Back Where They Belong

See, there are five things that you could be doing on Friday before you go home for the weekend, that are easy and that would make your weekend much more enjoyable. I encourage you to click on the link to the article and read it in its entirety as there is much more there than what I listed.

So, there it is. Pick out some new place to go vacation with your family. You deserve it and they deserve to have you all to themselves without you worrying about what you left behind at work. This article will help you get to that point.



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