Screen Free Parenting

A few months ago, I put out some content about the amount of time that children spend plopped down in front of televisions on a day by day basis. The intention of the post was to encourage people to get outside more frequently with their children and find something for them to do other than play video games or watch television. 

The response to the post was favorable and actually sparked a handful of interesting conversation through both the comment section and my personal facebook page and I had always planned on getting back to the subject again eventually.

So, last night, I was listening to a podcast from The Father’s Journey (you might remember him from this post) on screen free parenting. In the podcast, he interviewed Adam Owenz who runs ScreenFreeParenting with his wife. It is a fairly long podcast but adds a lot of value to the conversation in regards to how much screen time we allow our children to consume.


I encourage you to click on the link to the podcast and check it out. If you have been struggling with how much time you allow your children to spend in front of the television, this guy has some great ideas.

Comment below to and let me know what you think.

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