A timeless lesson learned…

Every morning, I post one of my facebook memories onto my wall to share a little bit about myself and where I have been. So, I was looking through my facebook memories this morning, trying to decide which one to put up on my home page and stumbled across this. While I ultimately did not end up sharing this video on my wall, I felt like it would be good to share it here.

I love to see compassion at work. You know, I focus a lot on self-improvement on this blog. I write about ways to improve our parenting skills, ways to improve our finances and ways to simply navigate through this strange life but that always begs the question, “Why?” Why should we improve our finances? Why should we improve our skillsets. The answer is simple. The more well-rounded an individual that we become, the more likely we are to invest in those around us.

This video is just that. It’s a picture of someone who chose to invest in someone else. Check it out. It’s about four years old but the message is timeless.

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