Why’s James Cryin?

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Enjoy the Silence

Alright. By now, all of you know how much I love cover songs. I was watching the trailer for the new Ghost in a Shell a few nights ago and heard this jewel (originally done by Depeche Mode) playing through the trailer. I had to look it up. Wow, fantastic. This version may or may not be up your alley but I am enjoying it quite a bit.

Hope you do too.

Life is Strange. Live it Well.

A lie revisited….

It all started on March 26th, 1976 in a hospital in Olney, IL (you might know this place as the home of the white squirrels…. Olney, not the hospital). From what I have been told, it was cold and rainy though I don’t remember much about the night. The families of George Edward Strange and Mary Louise Strange awaited the arrival of a child. All was as it was supposed to be. Continue reading “A lie revisited….”

Wanna make some more money?

Last week, I wrote about a way that you could easily provide yourself with an extra $1,000 worth of cash in your account by simply re-structuring your television habits. Many of you messaged back to me expressing success in having done that very thing and that sparked some conversation about other ways to practice frugality.  Continue reading “Wanna make some more money?”

Don’t judge that book

I have four boys that live in my house that do not belong to me. I love them dearly but I did nothing to create them. They have been added to my house a boy at a time over the past year and have been preceded by 70-ish others over the past seven years. They all have come for different reasons. Some of them are here because of situations that they have created for themselves. Some are a product of their environment. They are all different. Continue reading “Don’t judge that book”

What would you do with an extra $1,000?

It is amazing to me that people still pay so much money on television. In his article on cable cutting, Trent Hamm tells us that, “the average American cable bill is $100 per month.” That’s the average, mind you: many people pay more than that, and some pay substantially more. Such a bill adds up to well over a thousand dollars a year.” Continue reading “What would you do with an extra $1,000?”

You can’t beat free

If you are out there in the blogging world, you have come to realize two things by now. Thing #1: Your blog will not get much attention if you do not include fascinating images within the content (People struggle with just words). Thing #2: It’s hard to find fascinating images that you do not have to pay for. That is about to change…. Continue reading “You can’t beat free”