Enjoy the Silence

Alright. By now, all of you know how much I love cover songs. I was watching the trailer for the new Ghost in a Shell a few nights ago and heard this jewel (originally done by Depeche Mode) playing through the trailer. I had to look it up. Wow, fantastic. This version may or may not be up your alley but I am enjoying it quite a bit.

Hope you do too.

Life is Strange. Live it Well.

Don’t judge that book

I have four boys that live in my house that do not belong to me. I love them dearly but I did nothing to create them. They have been added to my house a boy at a time over the past year and have been preceded by 70-ish others over the past seven years. They all have come for different reasons. Some of them are here because of situations that they have created for themselves. Some are a product of their environment. They are all different. Continue reading “Don’t judge that book”

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