It’s an anniversary, let’s celebrate

I logged in to my WordPress account, this afternoon, to discover a note in my inbox. Happy Anniversary with! is what it says. Wow. I knew the year mark of this blog was coming up sometime soon but I wasn’t aware that today is the day. So….. Go me…. and you too.

I have posted 157 different pieces of content in the past 365 days and your eyes have fallen across those pages 5,122 times. On June 8th, 2016 (thanks to this post) there were 281 visits to the blog which still stands as the record today.

The most popular day and time to be viewing my content has been on Wednesdays (24% of views) at 4:00 PM (12% of views) and the majority of you have found me via facebook. I have connected with people from the US as well as 30ish different countries. What began as a project for me has become something much more.


I started this blog to give my mother something to keep up with after I moved to Virginia. However, it has evolved a bit as my desire to produce something helpful has begun to stir. This blog has changed from being somewhat of a personal diary to offering parenting tips and life strategies. I hope, as you have made your way through this content, that something here has helped you. That is my goal.


It’s a crazy road that we are all traveling together. Let’s help each other along the way.

Life is Strange. Live it Well.

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