What would you do with an extra $1,000?

It is amazing to me that people still pay so much money on television. In his article on cable cutting, Trent Hamm tells us that, “the average American cable bill is $100 per month.” That’s the average, mind you: many people pay more than that, and some pay substantially more. Such a bill adds up to well over a thousand dollars a year.”

Did you catch that? One thousand dollars……

To have television channels that you do not watch.

I sat for a moment to let this sink in. What could I do with $1,000 other than watch tv? I could make a house payment. I could pay off some school debt. I could set it aside and let it grow some interest. Perhaps I could update my wardrobe. Heck, I could even use it for gift purchases for the next year or two. There is so much you could do with an extra thousand dollars that it makes you wonder why you’re still paying for your cable and dish package.


But, I have to watch something. I would get bored if I didn’t have my television.

Yeah, that might be somewhat true. I mean, you could go outside and get some fresh air but some days are a little bit cold for that. Of course, you could spend those days playing board games with your kids but that gets old after a while (board games… not the kids). I guess it’s not the absolute end of the world to have a television in the house. However, there are so many cheaper options to the traditional cable package that brings you in well under $100 per month.

Here’s what I do.

Zach Strange’s easily sustainable monthly entertainment option

Netflix – $7.99 per month

Hulu – $8.25 per month

Youtube – Absolutely free

These three options provide me with far more television viewing than I could possibly ever need at 16% of the cost of the traditional cable package. The only downside…. The Walking Dead is not included in these options. All three of these can be streamed easily through a smart tv. They are also all accessible through your Xbox 360 (probably other systems as well but that is what I have).

But, I don’t have a smart tv or a high-end game system. Guess what, take the $1,000 that you will save over the year and buy one. Here is a great option if you are interested.

But hey… times can be hard. Money isn’t always easy to come by. We have to look for ways to be more frugal with our finances. This is an easy one here.

Life is Strange. Live it Well.

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