A Series of Events

I always find it interesting when you can start looking back at a series of seemingly unrelated events and chain them together to something that is happening to you at any given moment. You know what I mean right? Something amazing is happening to you now and then it occurs to you that it would not have been possible without four or five other things happening first. 

Something like that happened to me today and I think I will share it with you.

Event #1: A couple of months ago, I was sitting in my office and received a phone call. It was from the fraud protection people at my bank. There was concern over a couple of purchases that I had made and they needed confirmation that it was actually me buying things and not some other fool.

Turns out, it was some other fool and they were attempting to buy furniture from Mexico or something crazy like that. I guess it’s easier to get things you want if you steal someone else’s money instead of simply getting a job and making some of your own. Regardless, they had cleaned out my account to the tune of 2 or 3 hundred dollars and tried to keep making purchases. The end result of these shenanigans was my account being locked up until we could get a new card and our money back.


Event #2: Elisa and I refuse to own phones that require any more than a monthly commitment. However, we had set our phone plan through Straight Talk to refill automatically. The results of Event #1 put that on halt. With different debit card numbers in the works, having the phones on auto-refill was no longer possible, at least until we put in our new information.

However, during this process, we discovered that it was actually costing us a little bit more money to do auto-refill than to actually go to the store and buy a card each month. Below you will find an image of me not liking this fact. For this reason, we stopped doing the auto-refill and started paying for our plan manually each month.


Event #3: As of this morning, my plan was up. However, I did not remember this until I was out of the house and left my refill card in my apartment. I was probably at least twenty minutes from the house before the realization set in that I would not be able to use my GPS. However, turning around would make us late.

I was taking one of my boys to his soccer game in Amherst, Virginia but was not completely sure of how to get there. As it turns out, kind of knowing the way won’t actually get you to where you want to go nearly as well as knowing precisely where you are going.


Event #4: There is a gas station in Gladys, Virginia that sits right along the highway and is very convenient as a stopping off point when you are unsure of your directions. While the store itself had no roadmaps for sale or display, the kind lady working, as well as the tall gentleman that was standing just inside the door, both knew the location of Amherst and set me on the correct path.

As it turns out, Amherst is exactly where I thought it was.


Now to the point….

I’m walking out of the gas station to return to my car when I happen to look down. Lying on top of a manhole cover and curled up in a ball was this little guy.


I don’t know what he is. He might be a mouse, or maybe a rat. There is an outside chance that he could even be a baby squirrel. All I know for certain is this…. There would be no way that I would have found him this morning if that dude hadn’t stolen all that money from me.

Life is Strange. Live it Well.

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