Be Thrifty

One thing that I have never really understood is a person’s insistence on paying way too much money on clothes. This has really just been in regards to a person’s willingness to pay over $100 for a pair of shoes but extends to the amount that is often paid for the rest of the outfit as well. If you’re buying clothes for work, fine, spend a little more and get a few nice outfits. If it is not work attire, don’t be silly. Spend as little as you can manage. Everything that you can save is money to put somewhere else. Ultimately, every penny you save gets you closer to the comfortable lifestyle that you deserve.

This past week, I was reading this article on Let’s Be Fair about thrift store shopping which took me back to the late ’90s / early ’00s. I remember doing a lot of thrift store shopping, not necessarily because I couldn’t afford clothes so much as because it was popular to do so.

The author (I would love to tell you a name but could not locate one on the page) presents some shopping hints for all of you thrifty people that detail how to go about your thrift store adventure so that you ensure the best deals are being made.

Go often.

Know your local thrift stores and their discounts.

Commit to the adventure.

Bring someone with you.

Know what you need and want.

Make a plan.

Touch/look at everything.

If you’re intrigued, put it in the cart.

Try it on.

Discern what to keep.

Do a final sweep.

There you have it. Got a Saturday with no plans? Make a trip to your local thrift store. You never know what you might bring home with you. Maybe you already do the thrift store scene. If so, leave a comment below and share a good experience.

That’s all, for now, people.

Life is Strange. Live it Well.

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