Find A Balance

It was shortly after we were married that I handed our finances over to Elisa. Hold on a second, you might say, what about being the man of the house and running your own ship? Well, I brought a bunch of negative debt into our marriage and all she had was some school loans. It was a no-brainer. Now, that doesn’t mean that I liked the idea. Nobody likes to give up control. However, it was a necessary move and one that paid off spectacularly. Elisa has kept us out of debt for over a decade now.

Now, I handle the big picture decisions. Where are we headed? What is our family’s financial situation going to look like ten years from now? How are we going to pay for our children’s college? Where are we going to live when we stop house parenting?


Elisa takes care of the immediate financial needs.

Zach takes care of the long-term financial needs.

Man, that sounds like a pretty solid balance, doesn’t it?

Yet, that’s the key to success in a marriage. Balancing each other out. Many couples never get to that point. Now, I’m not pretending that we have this marriage thing all figured out. There are times when we struggle but for the most part, our marriage is smooth sailing and the primary reason, in my opinion, is to find that balance. This often times requires a sacrifice on both parts to make it work. That might be hard for you. This requires a change that many people struggle to make and change can be a hard task.

I didn’t want to give over control of our finances. I felt like it made me seem weak and inferior. Of course, that was before I come to the realization that the man in the house doesn’t actually have to control everything anyways.

Don’t believe me on this. Give it a try. Next time you and your spouse are in disagreement about something, sit down and discuss it honestly. Instead of trying to win the disagreement and get everything that you want, attempt to find a way to appease both people. Find a balance.

Life is Strange. Live it Well.


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  1. Ha, I was more than happy to relinquish all financial planning to Amanda. The only reason I know how much I make is because the paystub goes to my email. I never look at our bank account and let her tell me what we can and cannot get.

    I found the best way to live for my marriage is for my wife to maintain control of finances and whatever else she wants and I just do whatever she wants.

    Not everyone has the same personality, but you know my family well enough to know that a lot of us are laid back about those things.

    Balance is definitely a key.


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