Crabtree Falls

The weather has been so nice lately. Winter is gone (not that there was much of a winter) and spring is definitely here. The Strange’s have been itching to get out and do something fun for a few weeks now and yesterday was the perfect opportunity. I got the chance to go see Crabtree Falls last year but the falls were dry during the trip. It was still a very fun day and an excellent climb but I have wanted to go back since and see the falls when they are full. This was the perfect day for it.

Alright, now I will back up a bit and cover something else of importance. When Elisa, Sydney and I (there was no Caleb yet) first moved to Carmi, IL, the first couple that we really got to be close friends with were Bob & Jen Northup. They were house parents at Baptist Children’s Home as well and had a house full of teenage boys that spent quite a bit of time with our boys. The Northups also have a daughter, Allie, who is only a year older than Sydney. They immediately became friends.

Allie has been wanting to come see Sydney since last November and was finally given the chance this weekend.

So…. we all went to see the falls.

It is about an hour and a half drive over to Massies Mill which sits just down the road from Crabtree Falls. This is all a part of the George Washington National Park here in Virginia. Crabtree Falls is about 1,200 foot tall but is broken up by a series of ledges and cascades. It is not completely visible from the bottom and to truly get an idea of how large they are, you have to hike to the top. As I have documented in other posts, I really struggle with exercise but I love to hike so this climb gave me an opportunity to get a little exercise in as well. The five of us and one of our dogs (Ricky stayed home sick) took the 1.7 mile up to the top of the falls and took some excellent pictures along the way.

It was such a great day. The kids did great. There was minimal complaining about the distance of the hike. We made some new friends at the top of the falls. We couldn’t have asked for a better day.

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