That empty nest

I have two absolutely amazing children. Sydney is a little over half way to adulthood at this point and that is crazy to me. It seems like we just brought her home from the hospital yesterday. People warned me that she would grow up fast and they weren’t kidding. I wish that I could slow her down and keep her as a child for a few extra years but I know that she will be grown up and out of the house before I know it.


Caleb turned five this year as well. FIVE!


What is happening to me?

I remember a time (about 13 or 14 years ago) when I was having serious questions about whether this family life was ever going to happen for me. Now, I’m eleven years in and I am closer to seeing one of my kids leave the house than I am from the day I brought her home. This morning, as she does every morning, Sydney came into the office, stood directly behind my desk chair and wrapped her arms around my neck. Someday soon, I won’t get that anymore. Can any of you relate with that?

Where I once wondered if having children was in the cards for me, I am now finding myself wondering what I will do when they’re gone. What does life after children look like?

Elisa and I have committed, in our minds, to adopting a couple of children after our career as house parents end so that day will not come when Caleb is out of the house. However, that day will eventually come. Sydney was born a month after Elisa and I’s one year anniversary so we really do not know what it is like to be married with no children in the house. When I try to imagine the empty nest, I simply can’t. It seems like it would be too quiet.

What do you think parents? What would the empty nest look like for you?

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