Just Keep Writing

I remember attempting to write a book when I was around 12 or 13 years old but simply could not get more than a couple of chapters before it started breaking down. My assumption was that you can simply sit down with a pad of paper and a book just happens. Actually, now that I think about it. My assumption about writing has not changed much in the past 27 years. Why is that I wonder? I think, since taking up this project, that my mind finally understands that putting words together into something that, not only makes sense but also entertains is difficult work.

Yet, where do we start? Everyone has a thought, something that they truly believe is important. The problem that faces them is how to get that thought out there for people to start considering. What do you do with it? Do you just tell people about it? I guess that works. That is until they forget what you told them. Or, if you’re like me, maybe you start to forget it a little bit as well.

No. Our words aren’t’ sufficient. I mean, there are always people whose words are immortalized in time but even those famous speeches started somewhere. Before anyone gets up and delivers a world-changing speech, they probably sat down and took some notes.

That brings us back to writing.


Writing is a discipline. It is not something that comes naturally to the majority of society. Most people do not immediately receive the applause of society for their work. It starts out weak and strengthens with regular (daily) practice. A close friend of mine told me recently that he considered me to be a great writer. While this was quite a compliment, I immediately had to pause. See, I don’t think that my content is really that incredible. I just take the time to write what is on my mind.

He said that he would love to be able to write but did not have confidence that he could present it in a manner that was worthy of being read. Hey. I can relate with that. This same struggle kept me from writing for years. However, you have to start somewhere. The truth is this. Most people probably don’t have a lot of skills in that department up front but they develop as you go.


Now, there are plenty of other tools that complement your work as well. Anyone who is serious about their writing should probably go to school for it. Just like you would need education in order to excel in most other areas of life, you can be taught to write. There are also plenty of resources on the internet that will help you develop content ideas. However, more than any other quality or tool that makes an individual’s work excellent is desire.

You must have the desire to produce excellent, peerless content every single time you sit down at your computer. Will you achieve that every time? Probably not. Yet, if that is not your goal, there is no way that you will ever get there.

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