What kind of dad are you?

There are men who think they are great parents but really aren’t. And, there are men who constantly question their parenting skills but really qualify as great parents. Then, there are men that are all up and down the scale between the two.


What I can relate to is second guessing myself when it comes to parenting. This does not mean that I think that I am an awesome father. I’m far from it. However, I find myself questioning my parenting methods constantly. Am I being too hard on my kids? Am I not being hard enough?

For those of you who have awesome fathers that have consistently provided you with the answers to all of your parenting questions simply through the way they live their lives, hold on to that dearly. It is a blessing. Not all of us have that luxury. However, even as i am typing this, I can think of a half dozen men who have filled that role for me in my life.

There have always been men like Robert Shook and Matt McGregor who have taken me under their wing at times in my life when i needed that. They were (Robert has passed) and are great parents to their own children and had the capacity to provide guidance for even more.

So, it’s not like I have no lens whatsoever to view this topic through. Yet, I still find myself second guessing those parenting skills constantly. I just don’t want to screw this thing up.  One of these days, my babies will be gone. I get once chance to do this right. It’s pretty important.

Can you relate? Let’s have a conversation about this. How do you all feel about your parenting skills?

Life Is Strange - Option 3

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