Pity Party

There are some days that I simply smile and fake it. It is easy enough to put on a show for people. I am not throwing a pity party for myself or anything. I just understand that on those days, it is highly unlikely that I will feel happy about anything. But, that is okay. I […]

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Go Cubs Go

I remember watching the Mets and the Red Sox in the world series in 1986 when Bill Buckner let a ground ball slip between his legs, ultimately contributing to the Red Sox losing the series. I loved baseball so much. I primarily rooted for the Cardinals because of everyone in my family, no scratch that, […]

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Thoughts on family

It’s odd to think that Caleb’s birth was easier, quieter and came about with less fanfare than his sister. If you knew my children, you would immediately understand why I say this. She is a fairly quiet and laid back child. Caleb, however, is hard to miss. From the moment he was born, he has […]

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200 Posts

I opened up my WordPress account this morning to learn that I have hit the 200 post mark for content on this blog. How exciting is that? Well, in all honesty, it is pretty stinking exciting for me. Two hundred times now, I have reached out to you all, and with the exception of just […]

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A Sad Day

Two days ago, Chris Cornell, one of my favorite singers of all time was found dead in the bathroom of his motel room, a victim of suicide. While many people will argue that the real victims of suicide are those that the individual left behind (and I do not dispute this), the purpose of this […]

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