Try Something New

I am a HUGE fan of routine. I have written about it on this blog and I often find myself in conversations with people about the importance of establishing a daily routine in order to create a more productive day. 

However, what do you do when your routine starts to work against you? You know what I mean. There are things that you have programmed into your day that you start avoiding. These are things that you are responsible for that seem more overwhelming than anything. That part of your routine makes you feel like your in a trap. If you could, you would simply remove that part of your day altogether.

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What if it isn’t the work that you are doing that is putting you in that mindset? What if it is the structure of the day itself?

Craig Jarrow, over at Time Management Ninja, suggests five changes to your daily routine that you can implement today in order to get better results from your routine.

Craig Jarrow’s List of 5 Game Changers

Get Up Earlier 

Change Your Bedtime 

Change the time you do things 

Time Shift your commute 

Do less 

Of course, this is just the bare-bones list. For a stronger description of each, check out his article here. If you feel like your daily routine needs a kick in the pants, maybe these five suggestions are what you need to accomplish that.

Life Is Strange - Option 3

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