How To Raise Kids Without Ruining Them

A few months ago, I began writing a book that delves into the mistakes that we often make in parenting that can become huge if they are not handled correctly. I think you probably know what I’m talking about. This is not a book about child abuse and sexual misconduct. It is more along the lines of boundary issues and building trust. 

Combining my own personal experiences living with a disconnected father and the past seven years of working in residential care at a children’s home has given me a unique perspective on the myriad of mistakes that parents often make when attempting to navigate their way through their child’s developmental stages. There are many things that seem small that build up over time. Then, one day, you look at your child and realize that you don’t know that person. You’re disconnected from them.


People, this is a huge problem in today’s society that, for the most part, goes unaddressed. It’s not abusive parenting. That’s always noticeable. This is something else. It’s more like misguided parenting. However, this can still be problematic.

I can’t do much about the other parents in the world. I wish I could but the simple truth is that there are a lot of crappy parents out there and that will always be the case. However, for my part, I can and will sink my feet firm and hold fast through the storms that come. My wife and my children deserve that much.


Here’s what I am not doing.

I am not making a declaration of perfection. I am a flawed individual who often second guesses his parenting skills. I worry about my kids. How are they going to turn out? Will they be productive members of society? Will I be able to have a good relationship with them after they become adults? We probably all ask those questions.

Here’s what I am doing.

I’m learning from mistakes and putting my experience to paper.

My target for this book is July 1st. My plan is to self-publish through Amazon and make this available as an E-book. It’s going to be dirt cheap (probably no more than $5) but, hopefully, invaluable in the information that you can draw from it. It is so important that we all get this thing right. The next generation of leaders, teachers, doctors and…. criminals (ouch) are all living in our homes, right under our noses.

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