First Things First

Lately, I have been feeling incredibly overwhelmed by the seemingly insurmountable mountain of things that have fallen into my sphere of responsibility. So much has been coming up all at once that I have, at least for the last few days, felt like I was drowning in adulthood. Does that sound a little dramatic to you? Probably…. Can you relate? Definitely…. We all find ourselves in that place.

The question…

How do I get it together? There has to be a way to get everything that needs to be done completed in the time required. Too many other people rely on it.


The solution….

Fix one thing at a time.

This applies to more than just the workplace, doesn’t it. Having trouble with your marriage. Find one thing that you can both work on and start on it. Having trouble connecting with your kids. Find one thing that they enjoy doing with you and tackle it. This works across the board.

Every morning, after you wake up, make a list of what needs to be done and prioritize it. Get the really important, can’t wait type things done first but only one at a time. Move from item to item. Don’t start on the next thing until the first one is complete.

Pace yourself.

On my computer, I keep a word document with all my responsibilities on it. These range from my work related tasks to my personal goals. For each task, I identify one thing that has to be completed and work on it. Once that thing is done, I move on to what is next.

This seems incredibly simple, and it really is when I sit back and look at it. It is the panic in my brain about not completing the day that really gets to me. However, here is the beauty of the process. If you prioritize your list by urgency and importance (for more on that, check out Stephen Covey’s quadrant theory), the important and urgent things will be taken care of, and probably days before they actually have to be done. The items that are left at the bottom of your list can probably wait until the next day anyways.

I hope this helps you all. It helped me just writing it.

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