All Eyes On You

My intentions are always for my children to see an example in how I live my life that gives them something positive to base theirs on. It is not good enough for me to simply tell them how to live. They must also see it. This is the absolute essence of leadership. This is how you lead within your house.

That is something that a lot of children now days are missing out on. The are either being raised by the school, their friend’s parents or the television because their parents are not in the picture. Now, understand what I am saying. This is not a criticism of parents who have jobs. There are always going to be times when your work schedule and their life schedule conflict with each other. We all get this and we also all experience it from time to time.

You cannot attend every ball game. You cannot make it to every school play. I think kids even get that, as long as you’re consistently there for them whenever you can be. I think many parents place the burden of 100% participation in their minds and then get down on themselves when it does not happen. That’s not the point here. Also, I am not talking just about the time that you spend with your kids.


What I am talking about is the parent that is out of the picture and disconnected. The one who is not setting the example for their child to follow. I’m talking about the parent who tells their child to stay out of trouble but then ends up in jail themselves. I’m talking about the parent who tells their child that they should be in church but does not attend.

A large part of the responsibility of being a parent is wrapped up in setting the example for our children to follow. If we lie to our kids, we should not be surprised when they begin lying to us. When we use foul language around our kids, we should expect that they will begin using it at some point as well. On the other hand, when we begin displaying positive patterns and traits in front of our kids, we should anticipate that they will latch on to that.

If you are a kind and courteous person, your kids will remember that. If you are always willing to stop and help someone out who needs it, that will stick in your child’s mind. If you are fair, yet strict, with the rules in your home, your kid will appreciate the boundaries that you set.

However, it all comes down to this one thing….

How devoted are you to setting the example?

You know what, scratch that question. You don’t even have to be devoted to set an example. Everything you do is an example of behavior, whether you intend it to be or not.

The question is this….

How devoted are you to setting a good example?

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