16 Ways to Continue Your Education

The process of learning is something that starts at birth and should never end. Even before you start school, you are learning some major lessons. You learn how to walk. You learn how to use your hands. You learn how to manipulate your parents to get what you want.

Somewhere along the line, typically after school ends, we start to distance ourselves from the learning process. Granted, that does not hold true for all people. I remember that my dad used to sit and read encyclopedias at night. He had an entire set that he kept on the bookshelf next to his chair in the living room. However, not every person is motivated to do so. Sure, we still learn things. That never ends. However, learning things intentionally often gets pushed to the side as if there is nothing new that we can educate ourselves in. We are adults. What could we possibly need to know that we do not already know?


The truth….

There is a LOT that we still need to learn. As a matter of fact, you could make a case that, in today’s society, the only way to ensure success is to continue on in the learning process. However, here is the problem. Adult education is definitely not cheap. Many people will avoid going on into college simply out of fear of the debt that comes with it. And, with no guarantee of employment following a degree that fear is even greater.

Yet, what if I told you that you could continue your education without accumulating more debt? Now, I am not saying that you can get a degree for free (though an extremely determined individual probably could gather enough grants to do so). What I am saying is that there are numerous resources available that allow you to continue to educate yourself. You might not end up with a degree to hang on the wall when you’re done but you will walk away with the skillsets needed to make yourself more marketable in the workplace.

Damian Devila, over at WiseBread, lists eight exceptional ways to continue your education without having to bust open your kid’s piggy bank. I am listing them below. However, I definitely encourage you to click on the link and check out the full descriptions provided.

8 Cheap Ways to Continue Your Education Without Going Back to School

Listen to music and watch films in another language

Tag Things Around Your Home in the language you are learning

Read foreign print newspapers

Use Massive Open Online Courses

Become Part of the Ivy League

Learn at your own pace with Khan Academy

Go beyond universities

Talk to your human resources department about financial aid for education

Contact professional associations

I use Khan Academy on a regular basis (not quite daily) and have currently been increasing my knowledge of the events leading up to the Revolutionary War using their resources. Best part…. it’s absolutely free.

Not content with this list? You say you need more? Okay, check out Melanie Pinola’s list over at Lifehacker as well. She provides 10 more suggestions for you as well. And, again, I would encourage you to click on that link for a more descriptive list.

10 Tools for a free education

Lifehacker U

Open Culture

iTunes U

Khan Academy

Project Gutenberg



University of Reddit


Free Massive Open Online Courses

So, there you have it. Continuing on in your learning process has never been easier and the need for it has never been greater. I write a lot about the need to better ourselves as people. We need to be better husbands and wives. We need to be better parents. We need to be better neighbors and friends. The resources for advancing our knowledge are limitless.

Between these two lists, there should be enough to keep you busy for the rest of your educatable (all of them) years and if you should happen to exhaust these, a quick internet search will be sure to reveal even more.

Life is Strange. Live it Well.

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