200 Posts

I opened up my WordPress account this morning to learn that I have hit the 200 post mark for content on this blog. How exciting is that? Well, in all honesty, it is pretty stinking exciting for me. Two hundred times now, I have reached out to you all, and with the exception of just a handful of posts, you have always reached back. It has been a blessing to have you all partner with me in this experience.

In order to celebrate this occasion, I have decided to do a recap of my top twenty posts with the total amount of views being the bar to measure it all by. So, here it is.

This Strange Life’s Top 20 Posts

#1 – How Do We Deal With Grief


Total Views – 309

#2 – Because Nobody Is Immune To Rape

dont get raped

Total Views – 288

#3 – My Baby Boy


Total views – 167

#4 – She Said Yes And Here We Are


Total Views – 157

#5 – Coming Home


Total Views – 135

#6 – Help My Friends Adopt A Child


Total Views – 112

#7 – Patrick Henry Family Services


Total Views – 111

#8 – Back On The Road


Total Views – 110

#9 – Diving In

diving in

Total Views – 100

#10 – I Lied About My Age


Total Views – 97

#11 – Find A Balance


Total views – 67

#12 – That Old Saying

Syd and elie

Total Views – 66

#13 – It’s That Tin Fish


Total views – 65

#14 – I’m His Anchor


Total Views – 57

#15 – Plans Change


Total Views – 56

#16 – Who’s Keeping Score


Total Views – 55

#17 – A Birthday Date and Some Chilli Peppers


Total Views – 53

#18 – A Healthier Me… And You


Total Views – 53

#19 – Today Has Been A Pretty Busy Day

29213751371_62d1f7379d_bTotal Views – 48

#20 – There Is More To It Than Just Moving


Total Views – 43

Well, there it is. The absolute best of the past 14 months. I know which one is my favorite but how about you? Comment below and let me know which one of these posts you liked the most.

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