Thoughts on family

It’s odd to think that Caleb’s birth was easier, quieter and came about with less fanfare than his sister. If you knew my children, you would immediately understand why I say this. She is a fairly quiet and laid back child. Caleb, however, is hard to miss. From the moment he was born, he has been grabbing the attention of those around him.

How crazy is that though?

One of my children is constantly seeking the attention of everyone in his presence and the other is entirely content to sit in the corner and not be noticed. It blows my mind that both of these children came from the collective gene pool of the exact same two people. They are so different.


Yet, isn’t that how family works. Think about everyone else in your family. Are you exactly like everyone else in your gene pool? Are they even alike that much? Sure, you have a lot of shared characteristics and some of you look more similar than others. However, everyone is uniquely different in their own way and that is what makes your family special.

family 3

Maybe you’re dysfunctional….

Maybe your… uhm…. functional???

Whatever it is that you are, it cannot be replicated no matter how you would choose to seek it out. I guess that’s why they say blood is thicker than water. There truly is no one on this planet that will ever be anything like your family. So… keep em close.


I get to go see mine in a couple of weeks. We get the first two weeks of June off just like last year and we will be heading back to Illinois. I haven’t seen my mother since January and I am missing her pretty badly right now. I guess this is probably the source of tonight’s post. If it’s been a while since you connected with yours, make a point to seek them out this week. It will be good for you.

Life is Strange. Live it Well.

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