Go Cubs Go

I remember watching the Mets and the Red Sox in the world series in 1986 when Bill Buckner let a ground ball slip between his legs, ultimately contributing to the Red Sox losing the series. I loved baseball so much. I primarily rooted for the Cardinals because of everyone in my family, no scratch that, my town were Cardinals fans.

However, that all changed for me in 1987 when Andre Dawson came to Chicago. A lot of things played into me dropping the Cardinals and picking up the Cubs as my favorite team. I was still pretty young and the Cardinals games were always on too late for me to watch. The Cubs still did not have lights in their stadium so their games were always on right as I was getting home from school. But, the biggest thing that drew me to Chicago baseball was The Hawk out in right field. Try to run on him and see what happens. He would throw out runners trying to score from third with ease. He would hit home runs in bunches. He was the National League MVP (Sorry Jack Clark) despite the fact that his team finished in last place.

I was hooked. They have been my team ever since. I love it.

I catch a lot of crap for being a Cubs fan but here’s the deal. You can’t really help who you love, can you? This past season was easy to be a Cubs fan. They spent most of the season walking all over the rest of the league on their way to a World Series championship, their first in nearly 1 million years.

They are back down to earth this season as they currently are not even leading their own division, let alone the league. However, they’re my team and they always will be. I have faith that they will pick it up a bit this year. However, if they do not, they’re still my team. That doesn’t change. It seemed to me like there were an awful lot of Cubs fans that I had not ever noticed being Cubs fans before. That’s okay, it’s

It seemed to me like there were an awful lot of Cubs fans that I had not ever noticed being Cubs fans before. That’s okay, it’s never too late to become a fan. However, I wonder how many of those people will continue to root for them if they start losing again. Hopefully, none of them. There is value in standing by your favorite team regardless. For Cubs fans, it has been a lesson in perseverance.

That’s the essence of being a fan though, isn’t it? Through thick and thin… regardless of the outcome, you continue to watch. You follow them daily, anticipating that next win so you can celebrate. Maybe, you even follow them for decades waiting for that big win. Yet, as I type this, I wonder what it is that makes us fixate so much on one thing. That’s the other part of being a fan, isn’t it? It is crazy to me how invested some people become in their sports team.

How about you? Who do you root for?

Life is Strange. Live it Well.

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