Will Ferrell’s definition of success

I think being successful is something that we all spend a significant amount of time attempting to figure out. What does it mean? When do we have it? Will it every be achieved? I’ve blogged about it some myself as this is something that I dwell on from time to time.

Am I successful in my life and career? How about you? Do you think you’ve reached a point where you can claim success? In my line of work, it’s hard to define. Am I successful if a resident finishes his time here and returns home to his family? What if they return home and fall on their face? What if it seems like they failed here but the end up getting it together as an adult because of something they remember about me? Man, these are a lot of questions aren’t they?

What if I am already successful without doing much other than what I am already doing? Can you let that resonate for a second before you read any further?

As Farrell stated here, the way that he defines success is much different than, perhaps, what the world defines it as. He claims his success to being grounded in his family. He claims that success is found in his marriage of 16 years and his three sons. I can relate to that. Elisa and I have had 12 amazing years together at this point and (forgive me other parents) are blessed with the two most amazing children that God has ever created.

If that is a true success then I am a rich man. Every day I look in the mirror and try to figure out who I am. I’m forty-one years old and still haven’t finished college (but I’m close). I weigh 100 pounds more than I did in high school. I don’t have ANY real teeth in my mouth anymore (but I love my fake ones).

I’m not shaking the foundations of the world and moving it into a new Golden Age of society. But then again, who really is? As Ferrell insinuates, success is not a dollar sign. It’s not really even a status symbol of any kind. In my opinion, it’s taking that small piece of the world that God has entrusted us with and creating something great.

What do you claim as success?

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