Are we ethical?

From government interactions to corporate decisions to the individual choices that we make in our own homes, ethical decisions are at the forefront of our mind. What is right to do, to say, and to feel is important, not only for you but for everyone. It is not just about being “politically correct”. What is more important is the results of how we live out our lives.

In this video, Fiorina states that “”Values is what guides your behavior when no one is watching and you think nobody will find out”. I love this quote because it has nothing to do with being “politically correct”. It simply implies that we should do the right thing, even when nobody is looking.

See, political correctness cares little for what you do in the privacy of your own home. It is more concerned with what you say and do in public. However, the ethical behavior goes much deeper than that. It really gets to the core of our soul. Ethical behavior wants to know who we really are.


I was privileged with the opportunity to take a course on ethics while I was enrolled at Lincoln Christian University. We used a couple of books in that class that has always stayed with me in these regards. One was Beyond Bumper Sticker Ethics by Steve Wilkens and the other was Becoming Good by David W. Gill. Both of these books are excellent reads and I suggest you pick them up for your personal library.

The task of being ethical is much larger than just making correct decisions. Wilkens states that “in ethics, right means something different from correct. Correct is the label we attach to information that is factually true, while right is oriented to moral truth”. (Wilkens, 1995, p. 16) So, making correct decisions might still find you lacking in ethics but pursuing morally true decisions puts us closer to the mark.

Gill informs us that “we live with epidemic ethical disagreement, confusion, and conflict. We experience these conflicts within ourselves when we are uncertain what we ought to be or do. Therapists of one kind or another do a booming business among the confused, ashamed and guilt-ridden. Many individuals are truly lost today in the ethical wilderness”. (Gill, 2000, p. 13)

So, the truth is this. Morality requires that all decisions be made in alignment with moral truth. However, according to Gill, most people are not in tune with morality. Guys and gals, that is a huge problem. It is no wonder that there are as many problems in the world today.

But, how about you? The world’s morality crisis is a pretty big nut to crack. Let’s focus on the individual level and the circle of influence that have. Are you an ethically sound individual? Do you make decisions for the benefit of those around you? Are you living your life by the Golden Rule?

Life is Strange. Live it Well.

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