Top 9 weirdest things to eat

One thing that I will never forget about my dad is his affection for weird foods. He would sit and eat jalapeno peppers by themselves and a jar at a time. He loved things like animal brains and testicles. If you pickled it, he would eat it (eggs, feet, sausage).

Now, I will eat pretty much anything that is put in front of me at least once. I kinda draw the line at things that have been pickled as the smell is just too horrendous. Also, do not try to get me to eat sweet potatoes. They are right out of the question for this guy. However, it has occured to me that we all have favorite foods that other people find disgusting. An example: I LOVE SUSHI! There are three other fantastic people in my immediate family and none of them will even consider trying it. Hey, that’s how life works.

Yet, there seems to be some food items out there that nobody considers as a good option. That’s what I am going to take a look at today. These nine food items are so terrible that you would probably only consider them if you were dying of starvation. Even then, it would be a stretch but these items find there way on to someone’s plate every single day. The following list is provided by and is pretty disgusting. I will spare you the photos of the food that is included on their page but if you are interested in images that will induce vomiting, by all means check out the link.

Top 9 Most Disgusting Foods on Earth

Casu Marzu (Maggot Cheese)

Mongolian Boodog (A Whole Goat)

Balut (Soft-Boiled Fetal Duck)

Whole Sheep’s Head

Live Octopus (This is actually on my bucket list)

Stink Head (Fermented Salmon Heads)

Fugu Fish (Poisonous Puffer Fish)

Jellied Moose Nose

Bat Paste (Looks like a soup with a bat floating in it)

So, there you have it. From rotten fish heads to soup made from a decaying bat carcass, this list reminds us that just because it has been put on a plate, it does not necessarily mean that it should be eaten.

Did I miss anything disgusting that you want to include on the list? Comment below and let me know.

Life is Strange. Live it Well.


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