Father’s Day: A measure of success

What would I have to accomplish in life to really feel like I am winning? Do I need to be extremely wealthy? Do I need to have fifteen kids? Do I need to own an island? What is the goal? Personally, I feel like a successful man is one who is living beyond his next paycheck. It is that guy who’s children’s needs are being met. A successful dude is taking care of the emotional, spiritual and physical needs of his wife. If I am meeting these goals, I am winning at life.

So, today is Father’s Day. (Happy Father’s Day to any dads who happen to be reading this.) And, I don’t know about the rest of you, but Father’s Day is one of those days that come around each year that really force me to evaluate how I am doing in life. Now, of course, there are some dads out there who do not see their role as a father as a measure for success but I think that group is pretty small.


The rest of us look at our kids as our second greatest measure of success, just right behind our own marriages. If we can just somehow manage to get this right, everything else in the world will fall into place. So, for all the dad’s out there today. Love your children without condition. It doesn’t matter if they like all the same things that you like but you pay attention to the things that are important to them. You’re at their ballgames cheering them on. You’re at their piano recitals recording every moment. You attend all of their school plays, attentive to every word that flows from their lips.

You’re killing it, dad. This day is for you.

Life is Strange. Live it Well.

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