Tighten Up That Grocery Budget

Many people will tell you that one of the most difficult areas for them to stay within their budget is in regards to the amount of money that they spend at the grocery store. I think part of the reason lies in our ability to justify the need for food. It is easy to cut out expenses when you know that you don’t need something. However, we all need food, just probably not as much as we bring home from the store.  Continue reading “Tighten Up That Grocery Budget”

The Ocean Is Not In Your Living Room

In the line of work that we do, it is easy to let my children just sit in front of the television all day long. However, Elisa and I know that as easy as it is to let them be entertained that way for hours, it is not good for them to be so sedentary. They have to have activity outside of the house. Heck, maybe we could go outside with them. They need to have something engaging their brain (the tv does accomplish this to a point).

Elisa is a little more deliberate about getting them away from the television than I am but we are both adamant that our children not grow up in front of the tube. Now, I don’t want to paint a picture that our children just sit in the living room constantly watching tv. They’re actually pretty active. Continue reading “The Ocean Is Not In Your Living Room”

Your Personal Vision Statement

Future life improvement is something that we should all desire and, I feel, most people truly do, even if it is in small, baby steps. Going back to school for my graduate work was a step for me this past year. However, as it is stated in this article, you do not have to go back to school to continue your education. What am I going to do differently next year in order to improve myself? What am I going to do differently in order to prepare myself a little better for whatever is next in life? Continue reading “Your Personal Vision Statement”

9 Ways To Mold Those Brains

How much attention are we paying to the development of our children’s minds? It is important that we start properly molding those minds as early as we can. We all want our children to be successful as they get older. We all want them to get a good education and a solid job. However, college is pretty stinking hard. What are some steps that we can be taking now, to mold those brains so that they are more prepared for their education when that day comes? Continue reading “9 Ways To Mold Those Brains”

My Young Entreprenuer

I was sitting in the Lynchburg IHOP yesterday afternoon, enjoying a meal with my ridiculously amazing family. We were waiting for our food to come out and the kids began to argue over who got to use their mother’s phone for video games. See, I won’t let the kids use my phone but their mother is a far more compassionate person than I am so the kids often turn to her in their time of need. Continue reading “My Young Entreprenuer”

Techno Jeep

I have nothing useful to say today. Sorry. I have sat in front of this screen attempting to conjure up something useful to toss out there into the world. You know, something that could change a life or create a new thought. However, my brain is like a dry sponge today. I squeeze it and squeeze it and nothing comes out. So, in the absense of intelligent discussion, I present to you….. Continue reading “Techno Jeep”

5 reasons to be more submissive

What is it that keeps us from allowing ourselves to be submissive? It’s not as if there are not plenty of opportunities. We have so many areas of authority over us. You would think we would get it eventually. We all have jobs and with jobs comes bosses. We all have homes and with homes comes governments. Our kids will participate in sports and with that comes recognizing the authority of the officials. Many of us are married and with marriages comes a spouse. Even those of us who are a part of a church has church leadership that we should be submissive to. Continue reading “5 reasons to be more submissive”

3 Steps to Investing for Beginners

Every time I log into Facebook, I see posts by family or friends stating their desire to get ahead in life and get their finances in order. And, that is for good reason as most of these people live in Illinois currently and the financial picture there is pretty bleak. However, this desire to get out of the mud financially is not limited to Illinoisians. Every body wants to put a little bit of cushion between their debt and their next paycheck.  Continue reading “3 Steps to Investing for Beginners”

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