My Young Entreprenuer

I was sitting in the Lynchburg IHOP yesterday afternoon, enjoying a meal with my ridiculously amazing family. We were waiting for our food to come out and the kids began to argue over who got to use their mother’s phone for video games. See, I won’t let the kids use my phone but their mother is a far more compassionate person than I am so the kids often turn to her in their time of need.

However, this created an excellent opportunity to discuss money and responsibility with my ten-year-old daughter. I explained to her that, if she had her own phone, she would not need to use her mothers and would be able to play games whenever she wanted. There was a catch to this though. She would definitely have to buy her own phone and be able to pay for the monthly expenses herself.

The smile that arrived on her face at the mention of a phone quickly disappeared and was replaced with the “I am only ten and cannot work” face.

“Dad, I can’t get a job. I’m not old enough.”


Without hesitation, I quickly reached for my own cellular device and sought out google for assistance. A quick search of “jobs for ten-year-olds” revealed a page detailing 25 different jobs that a ten-year-old could easily do along with a pay structure for each.

We read through the list and, to Sydney’s surprise, there were actually a couple of things that she felt like she could do.

Tops on that list: Pet sitting service

So, with a little assistance, Sydney is going to set up her own pet sitting service and start making piles of that fat cash.

If you live near us and have a pet, be on alert. My daughter will be looking for you.

However, I thought this post might be of help to the rest of you out there. Do you have 10-year-old children who expect you to give them everything they want? Take a look at the link above and encourage them to earn it instead. Not only are you giving them a little bit of freedom to grow but you’re also teaching them a little responsibility.

Life is Strange. Live it Well.

7 thoughts on “My Young Entreprenuer

  1. One of our daughters was 13 when she decided she was ready for a phone. We paid her $4 an hour and told her she had to earn enough to pay for a full contract (which back then was about $900). She earned $1000 in one summer, $4 at a time and was SO proud of herself!

    Now, 9 years later she has more money in the bank than her parents do. You are exactly right about this Zach!


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