The Ocean Is Not In Your Living Room

In the line of work that we do, it is easy to let my children just sit in front of the television all day long. However, Elisa and I know that as easy as it is to let them be entertained that way for hours, it is not good for them to be so sedentary. They have to have activity outside of the house. Heck, maybe we could go outside with them. They need to have something engaging their brain (the tv does accomplish this to a point).

Elisa is a little more deliberate about getting them away from the television than I am but we are both adamant that our children not grow up in front of the tube. Now, I don’t want to paint a picture that our children just sit in the living room constantly watching tv. They’re actually pretty active.

They love to go to the pool. Caleb has recently decided to just start swimming on his own in the deep end of the pool without having ever taken any lessons and, from my opinion, is doing excellent. Both of the kids love to ride their bikes and Virginia has so many hiking trails that we stay pretty busy outside.


In just a couple more hours, we are getting on the road and heading to Myrtle Beach (I can add it to my list) for the week. We will spend 5 days at Garden City Chapel and Retreat Center which is literally one block from the Atlantic Ocean. Much time will be spent with my feet sunk deep into the ocean sand. The kids love the beach as well. I think we could spend more than just a week there and not lose interest.

Regardless, it’s good to get out of the house and find something to do. We function better when we are exposed to sunlight. You function better that way as well. I encourage you to get out for a bit this evening. If you don’t have children, just go for a walk. Stretching your legs out for a while will make you feel better about yourself. If you have kids, go to the park and play. You’ll enjoy yourself and your kids will love you for it.

Life is Strange. Live it Well.

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