Tighten Up That Grocery Budget

Many people will tell you that one of the most difficult areas for them to stay within their budget is in regards to the amount of money that they spend at the grocery store. I think part of the reason lies in our ability to justify the need for food. It is easy to cut out expenses when you know that you don’t need something. However, we all need food, just probably not as much as we bring home from the store. 

So, Tracie over at Penny Penchin’ Mom provides us with a list of mistakes that most of you are making when it comes to the weekly grocery trip. These are mistakes that are simply killing your grocery budget. I’m going to list them here but I definitely encourage you to click on the link to her content that I provide here. Her post is rich with information that can help you get that problem straightened out immediately.

Mistakes That Are Killing Your Grocery Budget

1. You don’t have a plan.

2. You don’t have a list.

3. You aren’t stacking coupons with sales.

4. You waste food.

5. You aren’t using your phone.

6. You are buying off season.

7. You aren’t signed up for the store perks card.

8. You don’t use coupons.

9. You don’t take inventory before you leave home.

10. You buy convenience foods.

11. You don’t follow your list.

12. You don’t shop the sales.

There you have it, people. As I’m looking over this list, a lot of things jump out at me that are often looked at as part of the shopping experience. It’s simply what we do (or don’t do), yet, with a little bit of attention could provide tremendous relief to your budget. Heck, take the extra cash to get started on your investment strategy. In today’s society, we have to do whatever we can to stay ahead of being broke. Check them out. Does any of this work for you? Hopefully, this is helpful.

Life is Strange. Live it Well.

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