That Narrow Path

My wife and I were talking about financial issues with some of the boys in our care recently. Elisa was laying out some statistics that she had picked up off of an article she had recently read about finances. She said that, based on age and current salary, every person should have a certain amount stashed away … More That Narrow Path

Build Each Other Up

Have you ever been in the store shopping and your child starts throwing a fit in front of everyone? Of course, you have. Every child does it. It is not rooted in whether or not we are good parents. There is something else going on. Your child wants to be his or her own authority. Your … More Build Each Other Up

Stop and listen

Dr. James Dobson tells us that, “the amount of live language directed to a child (not to be confused with television, radio, or overheard conversations) is vital to her development of fundamental linguistic, intellectual, and social skills.” (The New Strong-Willed Child, 96) This quote was in regards to fourteen-month-old children. However, this need never goes … More Stop and listen

No means No

I tell my kids no all the time. If we’re at Wal-Mart and they are asking for toys. No. If we are at the grocery store and they are asking for candy. No. If it’s bedtime and they are asking to stay up and watch a little more television. No. No. No. No.


So, I don’t typically do anything on here food related. I typically focus my advice on bettering the family model, either through financial stability or the process of improved parenting. However, I saw this article up at and I had to share it. It is listed as a summer recipe but the moment I saw this, … More Kabobs