What do you do?

I am a huge fan of routine. I like to know what I am going to be doing on each given day. Don’t mess with that. Don’t change my schedule. It makes me cranky and hard to live with. It is comforting to have a plan that I can rely on. However, life is strange. It’s very fragile and it will change on you when you are least expecting it. We have to be ready and willing to pick up and go when it’s necessary.

You know what I mean though right?

You kind of get an idea in the back of your mind about how life will work out for you. Then, it doesn’t. What do you do? How do you change up your routine when life comes at you with something new?


My wife and I are currently on a vacation at Myrtle Beach with the kids from Patrick Henry Family Services. I did a devotion with our residents this morning on not responding to circumstances out of fear. However, that is what a lot of people do when life brings change. And, it’s really easy to do. Panic sets in and fear based decisions are made.

Don’t be that way. It is easy to slip into panic mode when life is not going the way that you plan. Maybe you get a little bit behind on your bills and you feel that anxiety settling on your brain about it. Maybe the temptation is to make some quick financial fix that really sets you back even further in the long-run. Perhaps you have gotten so far behind at work that you feel like the only way to catch up is to throw yourself into urgency. I want to encourage you this morning to create new habits that give you the space that you need. This way, when life change is placed in front of you, you are more equipped to deal with it.

Here are some tips to dealing with the fear of change.

Tip #1: Discuss the problems instead of how you feel about the problems. Talking about your feelings will leave you with no solutions, just anxiety about how you feel. Instead, talk about the problem and how to fix it.

Tip #2: Spend some time in thought about the change in front of you. What is the worst that could happen in regards to it? What one thing should I prepare myself for?

Tip #3: Remind yourself of what you are actually in control of. Change often leaves us feeling powerless but that is never the case. There are things that are always within our control and we must be aware of what they are.

Tip #4: You are not alone in the process. Most of life’s changes will happen to a community of people, not just one individual. Be aware of that. Do not attempt to navigate change as an individual. Instead, find a community of like minded people to weather the change with.

Tip #5: Change the way you think about the change. It is easy to see all of life’s changes as unfair and disabling. However, there can be good found in all situations, even if it is not always apparent immediately. Seek out the good.

I hope this helps. I feel like we all can have moments that seem to be a little too overwhelming but there is always a better way of approaching life. Maybe this can help you get there.

Life is Strange. Live it Well.

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