Do Something….. Anything….

If we focus more on complaining about our circumstances than we do about working through them, we will achieve nothing. People, this life is a strange journey and it will lead us down some crazy roads. If you want to reach that goal successfully, you have to be deliberate about it. Set goals. Go back to school. Get a new job. Make better choices with your money. Don’t be sucked into foolish endeavors. Do something.


Wow, that was a crazy opening paragraph, packed full of statements and links to other blog posts of mine (shameless plug). However, sometimes you need crazy opening statements. I wanted your attention from the get go.


There are a lot of people in the world who are doing very little to better themselves in life. They just sort of hit a stopping point in life where achievement and personal growth no longer matter. You might be the person that I’m talking about right now though I promise you that I don’t have anyone particular in mind.

I just say this because you can see it everywhere. We have college graduates who are failing to launch into the adult world. We have fathers who are settling for just getting by when their families deserve so much more. We have business owners who are content to scrape by at work because they have not fully embraced (or even a little bit embraced) changes needed to keep up with society.

Why is this important? Why do you need to keep growing?

Think for a second about all of the things that you said you would never do as an adult. think about all of the mistakes that you said you would never make. Think about the flaws that you saw with your parents or with the parents of your friends.

Think about it really hard for a few moments. Heck, maybe you even need to set this aside for a while and dwell on it. Come back after a while if you need to. I’ll still be here.

How many of those things are you currently doing? Probably more than you want to admit. See, here is the deal. We are taught a certain set of habits as a child by the person / people who raised us. These habits and behaviors become ingrained and dictate who we will become as an adult. In order to break these habits and behaviors, we must deliberately take action to create new ones. This is where the need to improve ourselves comes into play.

Make a list of all of those things that you wanted to avoid doing as an adult but still do anyway. Now, next to that list, make a list of actions that are necessary to break those habits. Then, make a third list, prioritizing that list. What needs to happen first?

Then, do something….


Life is Strange. Live it Well.

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