What makes you curious?

Now, I know, curiosity killed the cat. However, I think that having a spirit of curiosity is healthy. How boring does life get when we stop discovering new places. One time, a friend was telling me about this vacation place that his family always goes to over Memorial Day weekend. They have been going there for something like 25 or 30 years without change. I just listened but in my mind, I was thinking, “How dull. There is so much in the world beyond that.”

On New Year’s Eve, two years ago, my wife and I were sitting on the beach of Padre Island just off the coast of Corpus Christi, Texas with our children. It was a 22-hour drive to get there but ended up being an experience that we will never forget. Since that weekend, I have sat on five more beaches. Did you catch that? I didn’t go back to the same one over and over. We tried something new instead.

Since that New Years weekend, we have been to Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina. We’ve sat our feet in the ocean at Ocracoke Island. We’ve tested the waves at Virginia Beach (the waves aren’t violent, I just wanted to use a different verb) as well as the waters of Sandbridge Beach in the Outer Banks.


This past week, we made the trip down to Garden City, South Carolina where we spent a week enjoying the ocean just outside of Myrtle Beach.

Now, we’re not super rich or anything. For that matter, we’re not really even close to being wealthy. However, we manage our money well and invest our time into diverse vacations. These are the things that our children will remember when they get older and it is important to just get away at times.

But, let’s get back to the original point. What are we curious about? See, I’m curious about the world. We have yet to take a trip outside of the United States and I’m super excited about that first trip. This is something that I’m curious about and, instead of always dreaming about it, I’m finding ways to make it happen.

I want to encourage you to do the same. This post really isn’t about where you can vacation. It’s about pursuing your curiosities. Of course, not everything that people become curious about is healthy. We have to be careful to not pursue curiosities that can harm us. Be cautious in your pursuit. However, get out there and discover something new. Make a list of the things that you’re curious about and pursue them.

Life is Strange. Live it Well.

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