Start Winning

What are you passionate about and to what lengths would you go to experience those things? For years, I worked in a variety of jobs out of necessity, not really doing anything that I enjoyed but merely surviving. I had to have a job if I wanted to have a home. I needed to have a job if I intended to continue to have a legally licensed vehicle. The jobs weren’t terrible. I worked at McDonald’s flipping burgers. I made headlights at North American Lighting. I put together Oprah magazine at R&R Donnelly’s. I worked in the dairy department for Wal-Mart and even drove a fork truck for Coca Cola for a few months.

Those jobs were fine. They paid the bills. I definitely was not passionate about them.

You’ve probably been there yourself, right? Maybe you’re there right now. You wake up every morning and force yourself out there door because you have to. There are bills to pay. You have responsibilities to take care of. And, those things are important. I’m not trying to tell you that they aren’t. However, there is SO MUCH MORE for you than that. Your adult life should not be restricted to a slow death in a job that you hate.


Yet, life isn’t going to put it all together for you. If you feel like you’re stuck in life, you have to step back and evaluate it. What isn’t working? What are you hung up on? Now, really quickly, I want to stress that the answer to these two questions is never your marriage or your family. I don’t want anyone to get it in their head that they feel like they are really being held back by these two things and that they just need out. Your spouse and your family should be what you are driving yourself towards, not away from.

Aside from that, what is it that feels like it’s just sucking the life out of you? Is it your job? Is it the area that you live in (if you’re from Illinois, this is probably it)? Perhaps it’s your neighbor. Maybe their dog comes over and poops in your yard every morning and you just can’t take it anymore. You know what, maybe the problem is actually you.

Whatever it is, do something about it. Don’t let another day pass you by that doesn’t move you towards where you want to be in life. Get up early tomorrow morning and start making a list of things that you can do to get started in this change. Get a new job. Go back to school. Move to another state. Whatever gets you out of that feeling of being trapped. As I’m typing this, this song is playing on youtube and I feel like it is appropriate at this point.

You don’t need some great escape. You just simply need to make the choices in life that make this life something that you don’t need to escape from.

Life is Strange. Live it Well.

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