Finish what you start

One of our goals in life should be to maximize the amount of free time that we have with our families. While being employed is extremely important and necessary for sustaining and adult life and family, it means very little if it is consuming your time and leaving you with little enjoyment. With that said, we should all be looking for more opportunities to do new things with those that we love. There will always be time to work but your kids will only be kids for a little while.

For the past year and change, I have been working on completing my graduate studies at Liberty University. This has been a worthwhile venture but has definitely come at a price. While the extra education will be a plus down the road, it has consumed a minimum of 4 to 5 hours of my day, nearly every single day for the past year. There have been many days when I have had requests from my children for playtime or a trip out of the house that has been met with a no on my end.


It’s not that I don’t want to spend time with my kids. I love my children. Of course, look at them. Who wouldn’t love them right? But, there were things that had to be done. Papers will not write themselves. Books cannot be absorbed through the pillow at night. Tests will not sit patiently forever. These things had to be done. They had to be a high priority.

family 2

All of the changes tomorrow.

I will wake up at 6:00 AM and wake up my boys. Medication and breakfast will be taken care of and out of the way by seven. That is our routine. I will walk my boys down to the campus bus stop around a quarter after seven where we will meet up with staff for prayer and devotion. Once the boys are on the bus, my attention will turn to school for one last time.

Tomorrow, I have to write an abstract for two different research papers that are completed and waiting to be submitted. After that, a discussion board post on Fons Trompenaar’s Seven Dimensions of Culture will eat up about thirty minutes of time. The last item on my agenda will be a timed test for my Organizational Behavior class and then I’m done. If I start at 8:00, I should be completely finished by 10:30.


I remember being done with my Bachelor’s Degree workload at Lincoln Christian University. I remember the day after I was done thinking, “What a relief. What am I going to do with my time?”

I remember when the realization hit that I needed more education. Looking at the course load for the Master of Arts in Executive Leadership at Liberty University, I realized that I was going to have to spend another year and change doing this again, only with more intensity. I remember feeling like this would never end.

Yet, here we are.

Tomorrow at 11:00, I am going to hop in my car and take a trip to Lynchburg, where I will meet up with some friends from work. Once a month, we all get together for a meal and prayer. This time, we are meeting at Wasabi Japanese Steakhouse for some sushi. Typically, I head back from these fellowship meals thinking about whatever schoolwork I have to work on when I get home.

Not tomorrow friends. My work there is done.

Life is Strange. Live it Well.

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