Feedback isn’t always necessary

In today’s world, everyone has an opinion. Maybe it is about religion. Perhaps politics? Every once in a while someone will chime in about how you raise your children. Heck, this blog itself is packed full of opinions (I happen to feel like they are correct though.) That’s just the way that we are. If we had even the slightest inkling that our opinions were wrong, we would probably keep them inside out of fear of embarrassment. Or would we?

Many people seem to throw their opinions out there without really considering what it implies. Often times, we say things before anyone even really asks us for our opinion on the matter.


Sam Chand addresses this on Tuesdays With Sam Chand when he says, “Every leader, listening, watching, reading, have this feeling “I need to give feedback on that” because that is what leaders do. Leaders see something and they put it in their way of thinking, and they feel like they have to give feedback. You don’t always have to do that. I want to free you up. You can have your opinion but you don’t have to share your opinion all the time.”

Now granted, Chand is speaking in regards to leadership not needing to give feedback into everything that their subordinates are doing. However, this principle applies to all people across the board. There is something liberating about not feeling the need give feedback into everyone else’s life.

I am reminded of a person that I know on Facebook who is always commenting on the drama that her neighbors create for her because of their ridiculous life decisions. This causes a lot of stress for her that could otherwise be avoided if she would simply remove herself from commenting on it.

Feedback is great when it is solicited. However, giving your feedback when it is not desired creates stress and drama for everyone involved.

Life is Strange. Live it Well.

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