The 6 Best Free Survey Sites To Make A Couple Of Extra Bucks

I originally read this piece of content over at Wall Street Survivor and thought that it might be relevant to some of the readers of this site. We are all trying to put together something that works for our family financially and every little penny counts, right? While I could not locate an author, I … More The 6 Best Free Survey Sites To Make A Couple Of Extra Bucks

Don’t Stand Down

I am about a week away from releasing my first e-book and I couldn’t be more excited. I have been working on this, off and on, since the first part of the year and it is finally done. “What is this book that you speak of”, you might ask? It’s a parenting model called How To … More Don’t Stand Down

War of Change

Every person will make frequent changes over the course of their lives, hopefully for the better of both themselves and their social surroundings. This is the way of life. We learn and we change to adapt to our surroundings and then we affect our surroundings based upon the changes that we make. This, in turn, … More War of Change

Hard Transitions

When I was 18, my father kicked me out of the house over a dispute in regards to a room being painted and who’s responsibility that it was. At the time, in my youthful stupidity, I was convinced that I was right. While painting the room would be an excellent way for me to contribute, … More Hard Transitions