Technology Rules for Children

There is an ongoing conversation, in regards to child rearing, about the amount of technology that a child should have access to and at what age. Everyone is different in those regards as many people allow no access to technology while others start providing their children with cellular devices shortly after they are born. As I am typing this, my six year old son is sitting in the living room playing Halo on the Xbox 360. Some would shrivel up their noses about this while others see no problem in it whatsoever. Ultimately, we all want to find a system, in our homes, that allows our children to succeed in life.

Regardless, I read this article, last night, on Design For Mankind the followed this train of thought. Erin Loechner, the author of the article, states that “it’s not about how much time we’re spending on technology; it’s about how we might have spent that time elsewhere. Might we have done something productive? Inspired? A spontaneous walk in the neighborhood woods to fend off boredom and restlessness? Reading BFG on the sofa while the dogs snore? The chance to serve someone else? A craft, a snack? A rousing round of Uno?” For Erin, it’s not really about taking technology away from her kids. It is more about what technology has taken away instead. What has it replaced?

Anyways, here is a brief summary of her list. I am not including her explanations (which is important for context and should be read on her link), but will instead just focus on the main points.

Rules for Technology with Children


No iPad

No Phone

People first

And, there you have it. That’s a pretty simple list to keep track of. Now comes the hard part, implementation. Or, maybe you disagree with the list. I encourage you to click on her link and check out the rest of the context. This will give you a better idea of why she has settled on these rules and perhaps spark a thought about how you could use them in your own home.

Life is Strange. Live it Well.

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