Hard Transitions

When I was 18, my father kicked me out of the house over a dispute in regards to a room being painted and who’s responsibility that it was. At the time, in my youthful stupidity, I was convinced that I was right. While painting the room would be an excellent way for me to contribute, as a legal adult, to the family while I continued to live there for free, my mind was convinced that my father was equally responsible for the room because he refused to work and sponged off of my mother. 

 We had our moment in the driveway where we exchanged f-word filled statements. My father told me that I was no longer required to come home anymore and, with too much joy, loaded all of my earthly possessions into my 1976 GMC Postal Jeep and made my way on down the road. This is the kind of life change that you just simply don’t plan for. Every day, when we wake up, we fully intend on laying our head down on the exact same pillow at the end of that day. Nobody wakes up and says, I bet I’ll be homeless tonight. Most people think to themselves, “I wonder where I’ll be sleeping tonight?”

A few months before this incident, my mother handed me this book titled, Life on the Edge by Dr. James Dobson. I remember, at the time, thinking, “I will never read this book.” It’s not that I didn’t appreciate the gesture. I just didn’t think that it was something that I would ever get into. Yet, here that book sat with all of the rest of my stuff, in the back seat of my jeep.

I probably should have read the book when my mother first bought it for me. Maybe I would have been able to avoid some of the early problems that I faced as a twenty year old. Maybe it would have made life a little easier as I transitioned through my mid-twenties and into adulthood. But, I didn’t read it. It sat on my shelf collecting dust until I finally sat down with the book around the age of 27….ish. In this book, Dobson speaks a lot to hard transitions.

Dr. Dobson says, “please understand that this WILL happen to you sooner or later. No one travels down the river of life without encountering turbulence. You might as well brace yourself for it. There will be moments of serenity and beauty when you lean back and take in the wonder. But there will also be times of sheer terror when you’ll be tossed out of the boat and at the mercy of the good Lord. It’s all part of the ride. That’s why it’s necessary before those crises arrive to get yourself stabilized – to figure out who you are and what you will do when the pressure is on.

This leaves us all in the same place. When hard times come, how do we respond? Are we prepared for the turbulence of life or are we hit hard enough to break us? You know, with all of the hurricanes that have been pummeling Texas and the east coast recently, this concept is super relevant. Some of the people affected were prepared for the storm. Many were not. What about you? Are you prepared for the storm that is going to come in your life? Are you rooted in and ready to weather life’s hardest seasons? Or are you flying by the seat of your pants and hoping for the best?

Preparation is never done after the fact. In order to truly be prepared, start on it now.

Life is Strange. Live it Well.

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